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Armenia–Greece relations

Armenia–Greece relations

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Following the Battle of Avarayr in 451, Christian Armenians maintained their faith and Armenia gained autonomy. In the following centuries, Armenia was within the Persian Empire’s sphere of affect during the reign of Tiridates I, the founder of the Arsacid dynasty of Armenia, which itself was a department of the Parthian Empire. Throughout its history, the kingdom of Armenia enjoyed both intervals of independence and intervals of autonomy subject to up to date empires. During the late sixth century BC, the primary geographical entity that was called Armenia by neighbouring populations was established underneath the Orontid Dynasty within the Achaemenid Empire, as a part of the latters’ territories. The kingdom became totally sovereign from the sphere of influence of the Seleucid Empire in 190 BC underneath King Artaxias I and begun the rule of the Artaxiad dynasty.

Pliny in the 1st century AD mentions the Moscheni in southern Armenia (“Armenia” on the time stretching south and west to the Mediterranean, bordering on Cappadocia). In Byzantine historiography, Moschoi was a reputation equal to or thought-about as the ancestors of “Cappadocians” (Eusebius) with their capital at Mazaca (later Caesarea Mazaca, fashionable Kayseri). According to Armenian tradition, the town of Mazaca was based by and named after Mishak (Misak, Moshok), a cousin and basic of the legendary patriarch Aram. These propositions are purely speculative and are largely based on geographic proximity, similarity between names, linguistics, and extrapolations made from recognized historical events of the time.

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The Catholics have always lived somewhat separate from the communities of Armenian Apostolic Church (an Oriental Orthodox Church that features most Armenians as members), and intermarriage is not quite common. Some Armenian Apostolic Church members check with the Armenian Catholics as “Franks,” because of the influence of French Catholic missionaries. Throughout the history Armenians did not convert to Islam in giant numbers regardless of long intervals of Muslim rule. During the Arabic conquest, Islam came to the Armenians; nonetheless, very few Armenians converted to Islam, since Christians were not required to transform by Muslim legislation. The Constitution as amended in 2005 supplies for freedom of faith and the best to follow, choose, or change spiritual belief.

In fact, some scholars have instructed that the Phrygians and/or the apparently related Mushki individuals were originally from Armenia and moved westward. Most Armenians adhere to the Armenian Apostolic Church, a non-Chalcedonian church, which can also be the world’s oldest nationwide church.

Native gods and goddesses worshiped included Ar (Arev, Areg), Angegh, Astghik, Ayg, Vanatur, and others. With the area reunified once more under Armenia, the disparate peoples of the region combined and have become extra homogenous and a unified sense of identity developed, and the Armenian language became the predominant language. According to Professor James R. Russell of Harvard University, the Georgian designation for Armenians Somekhi, preserves the outdated identify of the Mushki. However, there are other theories regarding the origins of this exonym as nicely. However, regardless of Diakonoff’s claims, the connection between the Mushki and Armenian languages is unknown and a few trendy students have rejected a direct linguistic relationship if the Mushki were Thracians or Phrygians.

That is prone to have occurred elsewhere as well, and possibly accounts for the comparatively low census of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire at the beginning of the twentieth century, in comparison with the Middle Ages, alongside other elements, such as extermination. Urartu (a.okay.a. Ararat, Urashtu) is the geographic identify used through the Iron Age for the area that would later be generally known as the Armenian Highlands. The polity that emerged within the region as a confederation of tribes was the Kingdom of Van, which was centered around Lake Van in modern-day Turkey. The kingdom rose to energy in the mid-ninth century BC, but went into gradual decline and was ultimately conquered by the Iranian Medes within the early sixth century BC. This intermixing would in the end culminate within the emergence of the Armenians as the dominant polity and culture of the Armenian Highlands, and as the direct successors and inheritors of the Urartian area.

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The complete variety of folks killed has been most widely estimated at between 1 and 1.5 million. The outbreak of World War I led to confrontation between the Ottoman Empire and the Russian Empire within the Caucasus and Persian Campaigns. The new authorities in Istanbul began to look on the Armenians with mistrust and suspicion, as a result of the Imperial Russian Army contained a contingent of Armenian volunteers. On 24 April 1915, Armenian intellectuals have been arrested by Ottoman authorities and, with the Tehcir Law (29 May 1915), finally a big proportion of Armenians residing in Anatolia perished in what has turn out to be generally known as the Armenian Genocide.

The system of double taxation sparked new found enmity between Turkish chieftains (aga) and the Armenians and Kurds agrarian community who perceived Kurdish taxation as exploitation. When Armenian spokesmen confronted the Turkish aga, it led to enmity between each populations throughout which the events at Sason and Moush 1893 occurred. Until the Russo-Turkish War of 1828–29, there had not been hostile feeling between the Kurds and the Armenians, and as late as 1877–1878, the mountaineers of each armenian beauty ethnic teams had lived fairly properly together. Kurds and Armenians turned increasingly distinct, each culturally and politically, as Armenians chose Christianity as their official faith, Kurds converted to Islam.

Kurds under Ancient Armenia

In addition, a everlasting solution for the Nagorno-Karabakh battle has not been reached despite the mediation offered by organizations such because the OSCE. Mount AraratMount Ararat, which was historically part of Armenia, is the highest mountain in the region. Now situated in Turkey, but clearly seen from Armenia, it’s regarded by the Armenians as a symbol of their land. Because of this, the mountain is present on the Armenian national emblem today.

Kurdish departments in Armenia

Armenia and the Armenians have been attested a number of instances at the finish of the Iron Age and the onset of Classical Antiquity. Bronze Age demographic processes had a serious impression on the genetics of populations within the Armenian Highlands. Armenians appear to originate from a mixture of numerous populations occurring from 3000 BC to 2000 BC. This interval coincides with the Kura-Araxes culture, the looks of Hittites in Anatolia, and major population migrations after the domestication of the horse and the looks of chariots. It also coincides with the legendary basis of the Armenian nation in 2492 BC.

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